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Le Phénicien
Le Phénicien (Phoenician), ultimate explorer of the world, history, has spread throughout the world the alphabet and trade of his mother land, Lebanon. Lebanon, a corner of paradise on earth, is envied by its rich nature with mountains, valleys and sea. This is shown through the soul of its people and in its generous and varied cuisine. Le Phénicien, brings to France the authentic Lebanese cuisine. Along with its rich menu and original decoration, Le Phénicien brings all the charm of the Middle East to your table. Our cuisine is convivial and generous for it adopts its richness from the variety of colors and flavors of Lebanon and the Mediterranean Sea. Our colorful and aromatic mezes remind you of the scent and taste of the olive, orange, lime and pomegranate trees. The variety we offer appeals to both the connoisseur and the gourmand. Our sweets take you on a journey thanks to their authentic use of pistachios, cashew, dates, puff pastry, almonds,... more++
The Lebanese cuisine is made to accommodate events enriched with a variety of mezes allowing us to break through the barrier of conventional kitchens. The unique flavor that the Lebanese cuisine offers enlightens our knowledge of the...more++
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