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Events And Offers

The Lebanese cuisine is made to accommodate events enriched with a variety of mezes allowing us to break through the barrier of conventional kitchens.
The unique flavor that the Lebanese cuisine offers enlightens our knowledge of the orient tastes and moreover the scent of the famous Mediterranean Sea.  A cuisine created to be shared with bread from the fingertips; our variable mezes dishes are always present, placed on a friendly and generous buffet which is guaranteed to please all our guests.

We suggest you check out our two halls for your personal and professional events (e.g. parties, weddings, family reunions, seminars, cocktails).
Ideally located in Paris, our halls can accommodate from 15 to 50 persons. We suggest a full program with oriental dance and music (upon request).

Your receptions
Our catering service is placed at your disposal and is there to advise you in organizing your professional or personal receptions and events.

Le Phénicien guarantees excellence of quality and taste. Choose from the below menu the formula that suits your event (Buffet, cocktails, plate).more++
Your choice of patisserie plates and mezes are presented in large decorated plates and ready to be served with your chosen buffet. Our tailored buffet is custom made to accommodate even seated...more++
For your cocktails, imagination is the limit. We suggest you choose a reasonable blend of ingredients to allow us to transform the eating experience to a unique feeling like no other in terms of both...more++
When it comes to your business meetings (reunion meetings, seminars, conventions, etc), we provide a variety of platters and daily menus that accommodate both your budget and taste.more++


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